Zoho is one of the most popular Eco-system for Business Management and Process Design. It has total solution for CRM, Accounting, E-Mailing, Site Monitoring, Invoicing, Recruitment, Social, Employment engagement etc.  MyHostDost is the official partner for Zoho Applications. Contact us for Purchase, Customization, Integration and Support.

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No Ads, Privacy Guaranteed.

At Zoho, we value user data and privacy. We never display ads, even in our free plans, and your email exchanges are never scanned for keywords.


Experience a clean, fast Webmail with features matching or superior to those found in desktop email clients. Take control of your Inbox, and free yourself from software upgrades.

MyHostDost ZOHO

Email plus Online Office

The Zoho Mail suite includes Zoho Docs. Your team can create, edit and collaborate on text, presentation and spreadsheet documents using the most sophisticated online editors. Work faster and improve productivity with an online office.

Secure & Reliable.

As a provider of more than 25+ apps that go beyond email, Zoho products are protected with multiple layers of secure infrastructure, and have a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee.

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